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BHS/CIR-06/19-20 ABL CLASSES 22/04/2019

Classes I & II

 Activity Based Learning



Day               : Every Wednesday

Activities      : Hands on activities, Recycling, Festive Fun, Smart Board- Smarty (understanding films), Moods and Melodies, Role Play, Projects and a host of other activities.

Dispersal       :   1:35 p.m.


The first ABL class is scheduled to begin from Wednesday; 24.04.2019.


(Mrs. F. Singh)


BHS/CIR-05/19-20 CLUBS 10/04/2019



Dear Parents,


Welcome to the clubs. Membership to a Club is mandatory. Parents are required to note that dispersal for all students of classes 3, 4, 5 on Wednesdays will be at 1:40 p.m. Given below is a list of all the clubs. You are requested to write the names in order of preference (1st Choice & 2nd Choice) in the diary and send the same to your son’s class teacher by 12.04.2019.



The Math Club creates magic with numbers which can be great fun.

Swar Sangam

The Music club introduces pupils to rhythm, lyrics and wonder of melodies.

Curtains Up

This club hones the speaking & dramatic skills, instills confidence in public speaking.

Little Scholars 

The Reading Club fosters the habit of reading & encourages them to explore the mystery  and magic of  story books. 


The G.K. Club encourages pupils to become aware of their surroundings and helps them gather useful information.


(Only for IV & V)

The Chess Club - A veteran trainer  is  appointed to train  the boys in the game. Membership to this club is restricted to the boys of classes IV and V after an elimination round.   


(Only for IV & V)

The Gymnastics Club- Special fitness programmes are designed through music & eurhythmics. 

Wonder Hands

The Art/Craft Club creates wonders with hands through art, craft, origami etc.


The Science Club– Experimenting and discovering the mysteries of Science.

Bits  and Bites

Master Chefs shall learn culinary art, etiquette for a healthy life; learn skills of presentation& hospitality.

Zoom in

A fun-filled club that aims to create expertise & love for aesthetic roller skating. Membership to this club is restricted to the boys of classes III and IV after an elimination round. Students of class V who were members of this club in 2018-19 should also apply.

E - Club

    (Only for V)

Attempts to build a space bridge across the continents and helps children discover new facets of using computers.  


Young Engineers

(Only for

IV & V)

This Robotic Club (Paid Club) aims at designing, building, programming robots, giving wings to their mathematical, technological and electronic skills. The fees for this club is

Rs.4,600/ per annum for 25 sessions. Students will be allowed to take back their tool kits at the end of the academic session.

In case you are interested, kindly send in a cheque of Rs.4600/- drawn in favour of Birla High School, Junior Section, and mention the same in the diary.



  • Membership to a club depends on the vacancies prevailing. If the choices are not sent by 12.04.2019, the school will use its discretion to assign a club.
  • The first meeting of the clubs is scheduled for Wednesday 24.04.2019. Students will be notified accordingly.


(Mrs. F. Singh)



BHS/CIR-04/19-20 CUBS 09/04/2019



Parents who wish to enroll their wards in the cub pack for the session 2019-20 are requested to download the attached form and submit the same in the school office by 12th April ‘19.

Please note the following:

  • CUB classes will be held every Thursday from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.
  • The first class will be on Thursday 18th April,2019.
  • Parents will have to arrange to pick up their wards at dispersal time against their ID Cards.
  • No extra fee will be charged for these classes.



Please click here to download the form.



(Mrs. F. Singh)





BHS/CIR-03/19-20 KARATE CLASSES 03/04/2019




Parents who wish to enroll their wards for Karate classes for the session 2019-20 are requested to note the following :-

  • No extra fees will be charged for these classes.
  • Classes will be held for Classes III every Thursday  :   1:30 p.m. - 3:00p.m.
  • Classes IV & V every Friday                                       :   1:30 p.m. - 3:00p.m.
  • Parents are required to make their own arrangements to take their wards home after the Karate classes. Students will be dispersed after the class against ID Cards.
  • Students of classes III, IV & V may join the Karate class.
  • Boys who join these classes may bring extra tiffin with them.
  • Karate classes for the new session 2019-20 will begin from Thursday, 11.04.2019.
  • Both old students and fresh applicants must download the attached form and submit the duly filled form to the school office by Friday, 5th April 2019. 
  • Forms will not be accepted after the due date.


Ms. F. Singh



Kindly click here to download the form.

BHS/CIR-02/19-20 YOGA CLASSES 03/04/2019



Research has shown that Yoga offers an effective solution to problems that arise in children. Regular Yoga practice makes them more focused. It improves intelligence and memory and contributes to the overall development of the personality.


Parents who wish to enrol their wards for the Yoga classes for the session 2019-20 are requested to note the following:-


1.  No extra fees will be charged for these classes.

2. The Yoga classes will be held on Monday/Tuesday from 1:30p.m.to2:30 p.m.

3. Parents are required to make their own arrangements to take their wards home after the Yoga classes. Students will be dispersed after the class against ID Cards.                                          

4. Students who join these classes may bring extra tiffin with them.

5. Only boys of classes III, IV and V can enrol for the above mentioned classes.

6. Old yoga students are also required to fill in the attached form & submit the same to the school office by Friday 05.04.2019.

7. Fresh applicants must fill in the form below & submit the same to the school office by Friday 05.04.2019.

8. Students must carry their personal Yoga mats to class.

9. Yoga classes for the new session 2019-20 will begin from Tuesday, 09.04.2018.

10. Forms will not be accepted after the due date.



Ms.F. Singh



Kindly click here to download the form.

BHS/CIR-1/19-2O Classes - Nursery to V 02/04/2019

Dear Parents,

As you are aware that the safety and security of our students is our prime concern. We have a group of parents helping us at the gate each morning ensuring safe entry of our children into school. This group of parents have willingly offered their help and are present each day to help out at the gate.

We request other parents to come forward and participate in the same. In case you wish to help out, I will be more than happy to meet you on any of my visiting days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. and brief you about the same.

Thank you,



Mrs. Farida Singh


Summer Vacation - 2019-20 08/01/2019

Dear Parents,


Please note the dates for the Summer Vacation 2019-20 session:

Monday, 13th May, 19 to Friday, 14th June, 19 (both days inclusive).


Thank you,


Mrs. F. Singh


BHS/CIR- 41/18-19 SCHOOL FEES 21/12/2018



After careful examination and due consideration of the impact of escalation of costs of goods and services inclusive of the manpower and all necessary accessories required for maintenance and upliftment of the standard of education for advancement of the career of the students to the satisfaction of parents/guardians, the management seeks co-operation to implement w.e.f. academic session 2019-2020 the restructuring of the fees of the school/institution to the extent as formulated and tabulated below:


                                                                                                    Fees per month


Tuition Fees (Payable quarterly)                                                      Rs.3340/-

Session Charges (Payable bi- annually)                                             Rs.2800/-

Computer Fee (Payable quarterly)                                                    Rs. 750/-

Assessment Fee (Payable quarterly)                                                Rs.700/-

ICT Fee (Payable quarterly)                                                             Rs. 600/-


Remaining components of fees are however remain unchanged.

Adding further for information of all concerned that the existing scheme of awarding scholarships and due commitment to statutes will continue as usual.



Ms. Farida Singh

BHS/CIR- 10/18-19 NURSERY TO CLASS V 20/04/2018

Date : 20.04.2018  


Dear Parents,

Please make a note of the following :-

  1. On the occasion of your son’s birthday, you are requested to send only toffees/candies for him to distribute amongst his friends and teachers.
  2. Each child/teacher may be given only two toffees/candies
  3. Gifts of any kind will not be distributed amongst the students or teachers.
  4. Notices will be posted on the website periodically. You will be intimated of the same through a note in your child’s diary.

Thank you.


Mrs. F. Singh