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III , IV , V

Classes III, IV and V 


In the Junior Section the students have the freedom to choose from a wide array of clubs that facilitate the unfurling of their latent talents.


Math-O-Fun - As the name suggests, Math-O-Fun, the Math Club is all about making Mathematics enjoyable and fun filled  through games, puzzles, models and various number tricks and patterns.

Quest - The Quiz Club, keeps the learners abreast with current affairs, be it sports films, music and books national and international matters.

Curtains UP aims at chiselling and honing the art of expressing ones views and emotions through  drama,  poetry, interaction, dialogue, critical thinking, action through hands on activities.

Wonder Hands gives scope for the enhancement of the artistic aptitude of the pupil using different medium such as clay, recycled products and paper. It helps little hands to express their thoughts creatively.  

Rhythmscape - Aesthetics, Eurhythmics, aerobics, gymnastics are the watch words of this club. Set to music is fun and exciting and it makes the body flexible and improves posture. It also helps to calm the mind and enhance concentration.

Check Mate The Chess Club enhances the child’s problem-solving skill and concentration. Under the guidance of a professional, the children are trained to participate in inter school tournaments.

Eureka“Learning by Doing”-In this Science Club children develop their critical and analytical thought process. ‘Learning by doing’ helps them step forward in their quest for the unknown.

Little Scholars The Reading Club aims to instill the love for books and reading in the children. Regular visits by authors and book reading sessions motivate members to become voracious readers.

Zoom In  – Roller skating promotes confidence. Being on the skates and making small advancements towards a new trick or even just letting go of the skatemate can be a huge boost for a child’s self esteem.

Robotics -Is a hands-on club which is a fun way for kids to learn STEM concepts by letting them make their own robots. 

E-Club - The Tech Club helps the children to learn how to use technology creatively and to equip today’s child for the needs of tomorrow.

Bits n Bites -  The Bits n Bites club encourages our young budding chefs and teaches them the tips and tricks of fireless cooking.

Swar Sangam “Music is the Universal language” and this Music Club aims to inculcate the love for music in the children and develop their sense of rhythm and express themselves through melody and harmony.