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Exchange Program

Working together reinforces the concept of school partnerships, bringing an international dimension to the heart of the curriculum. Our school is the proud recipient of International School Award for the third consecutive time from 2017 to 2020.

 SPECTACULAR PANORAMA : Special Assembly commemorating ‘World Mountains Day’

The students of Classes IV and V enjoyed researching on the topic ‘Mountains Matter for Youth’ after learning about the World Mountains Day, which is generally celebrated worldwide every year on the 11th of December. After a lot of research work on UAE, Egypt, India, UK and Brazil, students came up with a proposal of showcasing on the Andes Mountains in Brazil, Al Hajar Mountains in UAE, Mt. Sinai in Egypt, Ben Navis in UK and the Himalayas in India. With guidance from the teachers, students prepared dances, choral singing, placard demonstrations, a fashion show and a small skit based on the life and culture of these regions.



Tiny tots walk the ramp with pride and elegance….

To make learning more interesting, entertaining and enjoyable, a fashion show named 'The Jungle Jingle' was organized as a part of the school’s ISA activity where the students of Nursery enthusiastically walked the ramp, showcasing the national animals of different countries of the world.



Little hands at work -- creating MAGIC…

The 3 R’s: Re-cycle, Re-use and Re-create were the guiding forces for the young learners of Nursery and Kindergarten in organizing an ISA craft exhibition named 

'The Jungle Chimes'.  


Off to the Zoo…

To get a first-hand experience as well as making learning more joyful and meaningful for our young students of Kindergarten, this activity was organized as a part of the school’s ISA project tilted 'The Jungle Rhythm' which aimed at recognizing the national animals of various countries of the world related to their EVS lesson on 'Animal Kingdom'. 



Students of Class I and II chose the topic 'Foods of Different Countries' and along with their teachers worked to the best of their ability to perform various activities. Please click on the given link to enjoy a few glimpses.


Students ofClass III conducted their ISA Activity WE ARE ONE and their third activity was ‘CELEBRATION’. Nothing could dampen their spirits which is the true celebration of life.

The students learnt about Chinese New Year and enjoyed making a scrap book and doing craft work where they made dragons, lanterns and fans. They shared information about Bengali New Year with their friends in Spain, Indonesia, China and America. Ma’am Urifah (Indonesia) sent pictures of her pupils as they read and displayed the paragraph written by our pupils on Bengali New Year. Her students shared their experience of Eid celebration during the lockdown period in Indonesia. Students of Eire School of English shared their celebration of St. George’s Day (23rd April) in Aragon (a county in Spain). Children recently enjoyed celebrating Rath Yatra.





The students of Class III along with their teacher Ms. Sneha Lawani had various skype sessions and interactive activities with students of 

  • Little Cypress Intermediate School, Texas 
  • Bertha Taylor Elementary School, California
  • Holy Child Boys' School, Dublin
  • CEIP Tomas de Iriate School, Spain