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Virtual Classes

Against the unprecedented backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools all across the world have moved to the virtual mode of teaching and learning. At Birla High School this transition has been well-planned to give our students an engaging educational experience.

Ever since our virtual classes have begun in April 2020, it has been an enriching experience for students and teachers. The year has been vital in terms of setting the greatest learning experience for all.The school has invested in a G-suite account and classes are conducted through Google Classroom and Google Meet.

The school has invested in a plethora of resources. Immense effort and time have been invested in training our teachers to become proficient in effectively using the G- Suite account. Our teachers, through high-quality lessons and resources, provide students a blended learning experience – a fine blend of synchronous instruction, asynchronous resources support, and assessment practices. Teachers focus on providing students with a personalized learning experience. Online resources such as Arloopa, Quizzes, Nearpod, Edpuzzle, Flipgrid, Sway presentations, Classtools, etc. encourage systematic learning in students, keeping our teaching-learning process adept with modern times.


A host of resources are made and used by our teachers. Designing digital worksheets for students is regularly done in various subjects such as English, Maths, Vernacular. There are interactive worksheets that help to reinforce the concepts learned.

The formative and summative assessments are conducted regularly through several platforms such as Socrative, and Google Forms.

A number of Blended Learning platforms are created for our students. Several methods are adopted to ensure that learning continues in a fun way at Birla High School and concepts are reinforced well. Some are listed below:

  • Literacy Planet is being used from KG to Class V in the English curriculum which is an engaging and interactive online English literacy education program for young learners. This helps students to hone their English skills and teachers to achieve learning outcomes in this subject making our students more confident speakers. Word Mania, a competitive game by Literacy Planet is a word-building competition for schools all over the world. This competition is for Classes I to V. In the academic session 2020-2021, Birla High School was positioned amongst the first 10 schools worldwide.

  • Commemorative Events/ Special Assemblies- Inspite of virtual classes, occasions are marked with great enthusiasm in the form of Special Assemblies. We ensure that each student gets a chance to participate in at least 2 such events during the year.

  • Co-Curricular Events - A host of co-curricular activities are held throughout the academic session both at the school and at the inter-school level. These activities form an important part of our curriculum and help our students to develop reasoning skills, critical and creative thinking, communication and collaborative abilities.

  • Virtual Trips - Our children enjoy their field trips of course virtually twice a year, once in each term. Google Earth is used to allow students to move beyond their home boundaries while still staying safe.

  • Visits by Eminent Personalities – Eminent personalities such as Mathematicians, authors, dentists, art experts, educationists, wellness experts, environmentalists, etc address our students virtually and motivate them on a regular basis.

Our specially planned Co-curricular activities such as Art, Craft, Music, Dance and Physical Education are held every week and have a positive impact on the physical health and mental well-being of students.


Extra-Curricular classes are held on weekends. The holistic development of students is focused on through a diverse range of sessions covering Yoga, Karate and Cubs for students of Classes III, IV & V.


The School Counselors support the social-emotional health and well-being of our students through specially designed sessions called ‘Let’s Talk’ and reach out to the individual needs of students as required during these uncertain times. Students with special education needs continue to be supported through the virtual mode too.


Apart from the core teaching and learning activities, the school has been regularly conducting class-wise orientation programs for parents, having regular parent-teacher meets, as well as webinars for the well-being of parents during these difficult times.


The virtual school has been instrumental in making the teaching and learning processes more collaborative and participative, while also preparing students to effectively navigate and thrive in the digital world in the future.