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Headmistress' Message

  It was very rightly said that ‘’Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers,   motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations’’

 At Birla High School (Jr. Section) we strive to give every student the opportunity to express   himself through a carefully planned curriculum. Each child has his own unique qualities and as   educators it is our responsibility to nurture and develop every learner in their formative   years. Our dedicated and highly motivated team of teachers work tirelessly to ensure the   very best opportunities for every child. The curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure that it   remains appropriate to the needs of our learners. State of the art infrastructure and modern   practices ensure an effective teaching – learning process.

 Students of the school are groomed from a very early age to foster respect for diversity   that prepares our students for participation in a complex and changing world. We strongly   believe in the importance of parents, teachers and administrators working in unison, thereby   ensuring happy and fruitful years in the primary section. 


Mrs Farida Singh