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BHS/NOTICE- 05/22-23

BHS/NOTICE- 05/22-23 11/04/2022


     Dear Parents,

    Welcome to the clubs. Membership in a Club is mandatory. Parents are required to note that dispersal for all students of classes 3, 4, and 5 on Wednesdays will be at 1:45 p.m. Given below is a list of all the clubs. You are requested to fill up the google form and write the names of any two clubs in order of preference (1st Choice & 2nd Choice) and submit the form by 16.04.2022.

    Heritage Club

    (III, IV & V) 

    The Heritage Club will introduce pupils to the art of Tie & Dye, batik, Pottery, etc. It will also help the children to understand the culture and heritage of our country.

    Swar Sangam

    (III, IV & V) 

    The Music club introduces pupils to rhythm, lyrics, and the wonder of melodies.


    (III, IV & V) 

    This club hones the speaking & dramatic skills, and instills confidence in public speaking.

    Little Scholars 

    (III, IV & V) 


    The Reading Club fosters the habit of reading & encourages them to explore the mystery and magic of storybooks. 


    (III, IV & V)

    The G.K. Club encourages pupils to become aware of their surroundings and helps them gather useful information.


    (III, IV & V) 

    The Chess Club - A veteran trainer is appointed to train the boys in the game. Membership in this club is restricted to the boys of classes III, IV, and V after an elimination round.   


    (IV & V) 

    The Gymnastics & Dance Club- Special fitness programs are designed through music & eurhythmics. Membership in this club is restricted to boys of classes IV & V only.  



    (III, IV & V)


    This club will offer training to play instruments such as violin, table, and keyboard. Students can hone their skills to remain musical.


    (III, IV & V)


    The Science Club– Experimenting and discovering the mysteries of science.

    Bits and Bites

    (III, IV & V)


    Master Chefs will learn culinary art, and etiquette for a healthy life; learn skills of presentation and hospitality.

    Zoom in

    (IV & V) 

    A fun-filled club that aims to create expertise & love for aesthetic roller-skating.

    E – Club

    ( V )


    Attempts to build a space bridge across the continents and helps children discover new facets of using computers (only for class V)


    Young Engineers

    (Only for IV & V)

    • This Robotic Club (Paid Club) aims at designing, building, and programming robots, giving wings to their mathematical, technological, and electronic skills. The fees for this club is

          Rs. 5400/ per annum. Students will be allowed to take back their tool kits at           the end of the academic session.

    • In case you are interested, kindly send in a cheque drawn in favor of Birla High School.
    • Please note that the payment will be made in two instalments.
    • Rs.2700/- by 18th April & Rs. 2700/- by 18th September,2022


    • Membership in a club depends on the available vacancies. If the choices are not sent by 16.04.2022, the school will use its discretion to assign a club.
    • The first meeting of the clubs is scheduled for Wednesday 27.04.2022. Students will be notified accordingly.

    Ms. F. Singh