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Special Assembly on 'REPUBLIC DAY':

"Constitution is not a mere lawyer's document, it is a vehicle of life, and its spirit is always the spirit of age," ~BR Ambedkar

The principles of our democratic republic through a special assembly conducted by the pupils of class IV B on 25th January on the occasion of the 75th Republic Day rekindled the spark of unity in diversity in our nation. The assembly started off by a musical performance followed by a skit stating the significance of Republic Day and the role of the Constitution of India. The pupils then went on to showcase a time travel back to 1947 where they role played as the founders of the Constitution reiterating the sacrifices the freedom fighters made for the independence we are currently basking in.The assembly concluded with a mesmerizing dance performance by them.


Students of Class II C through their special assembly on Parakram Diwas spread the message of being brave and to always stand for what is right. They enthusiastically sang a song, ‘Subhash ji Subhash ji’, recited a bengali poem, performed a short Hindi skit and danced to ‘Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja’ to highlight the facts, life and the contribution of our prominent Freedom fighter, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. This provided the children with a deeper understanding of his childhood, his contributions to India’s independence movement and his impact on the nation’s history.




Special Assembly on 'KINDNESS':

Kindness, in simple words, means to be good and compassionate to people around us. One can be kind by speaking politely, being supportive, helping people, and motivating them. Kind words or actions are enough to make someone happy. Thus, the students of class 1 D performed their special assembly on the very important topic “Colour the world with Kindness”.  Not only did this reinforce the attitude of cooperation, helpfulness, forgiveness, inclusion and politeness within them, but it was also successful in spreading the message “Kindness begins with you”.

The assembly started with the introductory speaker giving a brief explanation of what kindness really means. This was followed by all the students singing a song in Hindi “Pyaar banto sabko”. From here, the students got ready for their role-play where each scene was followed by a message on kindness that could make their home and school a better place for all. The messages that were displayed on placards included –

  • Say “Thank You”!
  • “Include Everyone”.
  • “Compliment”

This was followed by a few students reciting a poem in Hindi “ Aao seekhein daya karna” in their most adorable and innocent manner.

The role play continued with the messages as followed. 

  • “Offer to Help”
  • “Take turns”
  • “Say Sorry”

As the saying goes, ‘we must be the change we want to see in others’, we then had a student dressed as Mother Teresa, the idol of Humanity entering to spread the message “Kindness begins with You”.

The finale was an outstanding performance of a dance sequence on “Kindness starts with me”.  The assembly was surely a means to touch the heart and soul of the students present there, and rekindle the joy of love and humanity amongst all.



Special Assembly on 'ROAD SAFETY':

Road safety is an issue of prime concern to all. Be it a pedestrian, rickshaw puller or a vehicle driver, anyone can fall prey to mishaps on roads. “Traffic rules” are defined rules and procedures to be followed while using the road and it’s mandatory to abide by them to ensure a safe transit. Traffic rules is a great subject to engage children and young people. It's a subject even the youngest children know something about because, everyone uses roads, and road danger impacts on everyone. “Road Safety” today is one of the greatest public health issues throughout the globe. The Little Kindergarteners presented a special assembly on Road Safety on 17th of January 2024 to create awareness amongst the children about simple traffic rules that need to be followed in our day-to-day life. A 'Traffic Kindergarten' featuring a model street to educate children about traffic rules and road safety had been set up. Role play was used to give hands on experience where the students themselves acted as pedestrians, drivers, and traffic signal to enforce the road safety rules. They enacted and demonstrated certain Traffic Do’s and Don’ts. They also explained the importance of crossing the road only at the Zebra crossing and the significance of the colours at the Traffic signal: “Red light to stop”, “Yellow to be ready”, and “Green light to go”. Road safety rules help the pedestrian’s, bikers and other drivers from getting injured. They understood the importance of crossing the road with an adult by looking first to their left, then right and then to their left again. The children danced and sang a song too on the rules of Road Safety and Traffic Signals. All students were very enthusiastic throughout the activity and enjoyed it a lot. The assembly ended with a pledge by students to be more careful while crossing the road and follow the traffic signals.



National Youth Day:

Students of Class IV-C organized a special assembly on January 9th to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda, a Hindu monk, remains one of India's most celebrated spiritual leaders. Beyond his spiritual insights, he was a prolific thinker, a compelling orator, and a passionate patriot. The assembly commenced with the chanting of a hymn, accompanied by a student dressed as Swamiji, walking down the aisle of the Assembly Hall. Following this, a few students stepped forward to provide a brief introduction to Swamiji's life. The portrayal of his meeting with Ramakrishna Paramhansa was eloquently presented in Bengali.

Swamiji, characterized by a yogic temperament, was known for his regular practice of meditation. A dance performance illustrated his meditation at the Kanyakumari rock. Subsequently, students elaborated on Swamiji's teachings and emphasized their enduring relevance in the present age. As January 12th is celebrated as National Youth Day, the assembly concluded with a youth-centric song praising the strength and valor of our young generation.



Christmas Day:

The little wonders of Class 1 teamed up to organize a grand Christmas celebration called "A December to Remember"; They enacted the story of Christmas through a fun musical in which Charlie, a new elf, joins Santa's workshop. The other elves are taken by surprise when he says he doesn't know what Christmas is. The elves narrate the story of the birth of Jesus, but another bad news strikes: The headlights of Santa's sleigh are broken. Rudolph, the rednosed reindeer comes to the rescue and everyone has a jolly time, dancing and singing merrily. The accompanying choir mesmerized everyone with their melodious rendition of the Christmas carols. Another special thing to note about the assembly was that it involved full participation of all the students of Class 1. Through the special assembly, they taught everyone the spirit of service, joy, peace and love, not just during Christmas, but also throughout the year.





Grandparent's Day Activity- Nursery:

The Grandparent's Day celebration of Nursery was a heartwarming event filled with love and joy for all. The day savored the opportunity for the little stars to share their stories of special moments they’ve enjoyed with their grandparents. This created a beautiful bridge between the past and present which represented the special bond between the grandparents and their grandchildren. The classroom buzzed with laughter and joy as each child expressed gratitude for the special moments they share. Following the interactive session, the tiny tots of Nursery enthusiastically participated in a special craft-making activity where their little hands were dipped in vibrant paints to add magic to their masterpiece. With the teacher’s guidance the little ones created decorative cupcake crafts as a token of love for their superhero Grandparents. The joyous atmosphere extended beyond the craft activity, as the children proudly presented their love and affection through each of their unique masterpieces to their  Grandparents’. The creative magic and the beaming love shared between the grandparents and their grandchildren sparkled through the lovely pictures shared with us. This created a moment of pure magic. The celebration fostered a beautiful connection between generations, with the craft activity serving as a tangible reminder of the love and bond shared within each family. Grandparents' Day celebration at our school was not just an event; it was a precious celebration of family, tradition, and the enduring bond between generations.






Class III A put up a special assembly on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti or Gurpurab which is the birthday of the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji on 24th November 2023. The students enacted a skit based on an anecdote in the life of Guru Nanak where Malik Bhago learnt the importance of always treating everyone with love, kindness and respect, rather than only on special occasions. The students enlightened their peers about the Golden Rules of Guru Nanak-Naam Japo, Kirt Karo and Vand Chako. They also explained the importance of ‘sewa’ or selfless service which brings true contentment to all. A ‘prabhat pheri’ or an early procession singing praises of Wahe Guru brought a peaceful ambience to the assembly. The students enlightened their peers about ‘langar’ or the community kitchen in the gurdwara which serves food to all, without any discrimination and the melodious chanting of ‘shabad kirtan’ which brings joy and peace to one and all.

The children ended the assembly with a melodious shabad.


Durga Puja:

On 18th October 2023 the students of Class II A enthusiastically performed on the theme “Dosho Bhuja” during their special assembly to celebrate Durga Puja. A skit was enacted by the boys to depict the story of goddess Durga and how she was bestowed with the strength and valour by the gods to end the tyranny of the demon king, Mahisasura. They spread the message of respecting all women who so skillfully perform all responsibilities with a smiling face. They spoke about the famous women achievers of India, who have bought fame for their motherland . A melodious song was sung by the students to invoke Devi Durga. The boys enthusiastically performed a dance to set in the festive mood.

The Tiny tots of Nursery joined their Class 2 friends in the end of the assembly. they were all geared up in ethnic attire, carrying their tiny "dhunuchi" and danced to the beats of ‘dhak’ which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.






Durga Puja Special activity- NURSERY:

Nursery children at Birla High School celebrated the spirit of Durga Puja by making interesting craftwork and exploring the pandals of Kolkata virtually through Google Earth. They made 'vahanas' of Gods and Goddesses by using various techniques such as cotton dabbing on the newspaper, palm impression, ear bud impression etc. and named their craftwork as "Divine Connection". The work was shared with their partner school through Global Exchange programme. They even brought a sandesh in their tiffin box, a traditional ‘mishti’ of Bengal to enjoy the festive feeling.


The greatest significance of Diwali is to light up new, bright, colourful dreams, fresh hopes, and undiscovered ways. The celebratory spirit that Diwali brings is unmatchable. But to add to the festive fervour, students of
class IIID presented a Special Assembly on Diwali. They enacted scenes showing how children prepare their homes and hearts for Diwali, danced on the song ‘Sri Ram Chandra kripalu’ depicting the story behind the celebration of Diwali by dressing up like Ram, Sita, Ravan and human, spoke important lines on how this Diwali they can light up the lives of others through good deeds and sang the song ‘Jag mag Jagmag Aayi Diwali, Khushiyan Dher layi Diwali’ spreading love, light and happiness. Through their special assembly the boys of class IIID brought out a very important message of celebrating a Green Diwali. A Diwali full clay diyas or earthen lamps, organic/natural colours for rangoli making, paper lanterns and minimum or no burning of firecrackers. They pledged to uphold the Motto of Birla High School that is ‘To Lead Us from Darkness unto light’ and the Vision ‘Freeing the Mind’ of all negativities this Diwali. The boys of class IIID also requested the others through a poem- This Diwali don’t just light up the sky but stop someone cry. Don’t just eat sweets but share your love on the streets. Don’t just buy gold but help someone who is helpless and old. They wished everyone a Green Diwali with hearts full of happiness and light.




World Smile Day- Nursery:

Smile and let the world wonder why'- Nursery children at Birla High School celebrated World Smile Day on 6th October with various fun filled activities. Their faces lit up with smiles making smileys in their craft class. Children made special smiley badges using various techniques such as, cotton dabbing, ear bud painting etc. which multiplied their happiness. Children were overjoyed to see their craftwork on display. Counting activity in Number Work was related to various smiley emoticons which they enjoyed to the fullest. This made their learning interesting and even more joyful.





Gandhi Jayanti:

The boys of class 5D took up the opportunity to demonstrate the struggles of such a historic figure on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. The entire class began the assembly with the renowned song "Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram" to highlight the spiritual believes of Mahatma Gandhi. This vernacular song melodiously rejuvenated the hearts of all. A Hindi act was then presented. It was a projection of Gandhi Ji’s childhood excellence and brilliance. It was also a proclamation of essential values and morals truth and honesty. A Bengali poem was also recited by a few students. It brought forward the ideas of non-violence and truth preached by Mahatma Gandhi. The boys enacted a few incidences from the life of the great Gandhiji like the experience he had to face in a train in South Africa. It was a direct encounter with racism. This encouraged Gandhi Ji to establish equality. They also enacted the revolutionary event of Dandi March or Salt March. Gandhi Ji along with his followers marched to the village of Dandi and went to the Dandi beach to get salt directly from the sea. This was his way of protesting against the British government’s intolerable ways of troubling the Indians by also raising the tax of salt. He did so without taking the support of violence. By putting up these acts the students tried to realise Gandhi Ji’s efforts and incidents which triggered his thoughts. This was followed by a delightful dance on the song " Vaishnav Janato". The boys danced to the rhythm of truth and non-violence. The boys also gained knowledge about Gandhiji's movement like the Satyagraha and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. They enjoyed learning about it through role playing. They held placards and banners of these terms to enhance the effect of the created salt march. The presentation was concluded with everybody taking a pledge to uphold and help continue the values and morals of Mahatma Gandhi to make our nation India stay united and flourish in the future as well.


International Day of Peace:


On International Peace Day (21st September, 2023) in our spirited nursery classroom, children embarked on a heart-warming journey into the world of peace, values, and friendship. The day commenced with a vibrant discussion centred around pictures showcasing peace symbols and values like sharing and kindness. These captivating images sparked animated conversations, revealing the innocence and wisdom of these young minds. With newfound insights, the children joyfully crafted peace signs using their tiny fingers, symbolising their commitment to fostering harmony. They unleashed their boundless creativity, painting visions of peace. The day concluded with these budding peacekeepers leaving the classroom with hearts aglow and fingers twinkling with their peace signs, a testament to their promise of spreading joy and creating a more harmonious world.


Class I:

Celebrated on 21st September every year, International Day of Peace is all about taking action for building peace. Our very own peace makers of Birla High School, participated in various activities too. In Class 1, the day  began with a short meditation session to help students understand how to be calm and peaceful. The letters of the word 'PEACE' were called out in a jumbled order and students were asked to name an animal beginning with each of the letters. They had to guess what word the letters would form if arranged correctly ('PEACE'). They were also told about animals which represent peace, such as the White Dove, White Owl and elephants. Discussion was done on how we can learn from them and spread peace and kindness around us. Blending this important day with Mathematics, students made a Frayer model in the exercise book, followed by drawing the Peace symbol. Finally, students solved a fun-filled worksheet and took a pledge to always be friendly, caring and helpful to all. Through the activities, students understood how to spread peace, not just to others but also within ourselves.




Class II:

SDG 16-Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions-Students of Class 2 did ‘Scan a text’ activity in their English Language class whereby they read the lyrics of the song "Heal the World" and listed the Pronouns they could spot. Let's make this place a better world - Students also drew the outline of their palm in the exercise book and wrote the caption 'Me to We' inside it and made sentences with any 3 pronouns of their choice. They were also sensitized about maintaining peace and harmony in the world during their ABL Class with songs like ‘Heal the World’ and ‘We are the World’. The children also drew beautiful illustrations depicting World Peace.




Getting armed for the future:

Classes IV and V:

Colonel Vikram Chawla who is also the parent of a student of Birla High School presented a talk on how discipline shapes the life of the armed forces. He also
stressed how being disciplined will help us be prepared for the future. With the help of a PPT he showed the students the rigorous training and discipline followed by the young cadets at the Defence Academies which helps them to turn into diligent army officers who serve the country with great dedication. Col. Chawla gave the students a brief insight on the contribution of the army
towards safety and security of India. He also acquainted the students with the various wars fought and won by India, how our defence personnel guard the country even in the harshest and most uninhabitable environment. He also showed how tanks are used on battle fields. He stressed that this is not possible if we are not disciplined. He addressed the children to imbibe discipline into their daily lives so that they are ready to face all challenges and obstacles in life. It was a very interesting and insightful session.


International Dot Day

The little tots of nursery had a delightful time, celebrating International Dot Day! They transformed simple dots into enchanting giraffes, butterflies, lions, and ladybugs with boundless enthusiasm, showcasing their budding artistic talents and fine motor skills.The Dot Day fun didn't stop at artistry; it was a dynamic learning experience. Alongside their charming artwork, the children dove into English language activities, enriching their vocabulary and expressive skills while enjoying the dot day story. In the world of numbers, they made their mark by creating dots according to numbers. For an extra dash of excitement, they embarked on a colourful coding adventure, colouring different lettered dots according to the teacher's instructions, infusing creativity into language learning. This Dot-tastic adventure was a whirlwind of creativity and learning, leaving big smiles and wonderful memories.


Class I:

A special day that celebrates creativity, International Dot Day seeks to empower everyone to “make their mark” on the world and let their creativity shine through. The idea for an International Dot Day was inspired from Peter H. Reynold’s book “The Dot”, in which a little girl, Vashti learns to draw with just a dot. The little artists of Class 1 participated enthusiastically, as they let their creativity flow through various activities. The students watched the story about Dot Day to nurture a sense of creativity in them. They then created a portrait in their exercise book by making dots to make different designs. They finally counte d and wrote the number of shapes that were required to make the portrait. Next, they drew and designed their own pair of shoes with dots of different colours and sizes, using Gond Art technique. Students got a chance to express themselves and learnt a very important message : ‘Everything begins with a dot.’


Class II:

The children of Class 2 celebrated International Dot Day in their English Language Class by listening to a story on the same. They did an illustrative fun activity for Prepositions using
bindi/dots with colour pencils in their exercise books. The students placed the bindi/drew the dots according to the instructions of the teacher (in the basket, under the basket, etc).

Class III:

Hindi: On occasion of International Dot Day children placed dots in anuswar and anunasik words.


The students of Class 3 embarked on an engaging activity for Dot Day. The teacher began by explaining the significance of Dot Day followed by an interesting video on the same. A worksheet was shared and they were asked to make rainbow colour dots to form lines and write adjectives to describe qualities about themselves that set them apart from others.They enthusiastically drew a logo on the topic that said ‘Make a mark and see where it takes you’. The Dot Day activity provided an enriching learning experience for the Class 3 students, combining artistic expression with language development. Through this exercise, they expanded their vocabulary skills in describing themselves. This activity will undoubtedly serve as a memorable and educational foundation for their future endeavours in both art and language studies.



The students of class III beautifully applied their multiplication concepts in showing the multiplicand, multiplier and product using colourful dots. This arithmetic operation was performed in order to derive the product and express it through colourful dots. They also used dots to form patterns and shapes and counted the number of dots used to make the same. The activity ignited a journey of creative self-discovery. It taught the children the importance of a dot and how a simple dot can make such a huge difference.




Class IV:

Students of Class IV did their Dot Day Activity during their Geography Class. The activity was based on the Chapter: The Great Northern Plains. Students shaded the entire stretch of the Northern Plain on a map of India with light green colour and marked four states of this plain using bindis. This activity helped them understand the location of the Indo Gangetic Plain and the different states of this plain.



Hindi Diwas:
Language helps in communication and ‘Hindi’ is the most favourable language to communicate in our country. On 14th September 2023, the students of Birla High School celebrated ‘Hindi Diwas’ in the prayer hall of the school. The programme commenced with a speech that emphasised the importance of ‘Hindi’ as a language for communication.
Students of classes III, IV & V conducted a quiz also presented a beautiful song and dance related to the Hindi language. Two students were dressed as Bhartendu Harishchandra ji, the father of modern Hindi and Saint Kabir and expressed their views on the Hindi Language.

International Literacy Day by Nursery:

Every year September 8th  is observed as International Literacy Day to raise awareness of the importance of literacy for individuals as well as for communities as a whole. Learning to read and write is essential for every child. It is a matter of dignity and a human right and will help us move towards a more literate and sustainable society.

Nursery children at Birla High School observed this special day with fun activities that inculcated good reading habits in them. Children inspired others to read through a   ‘peer teaching’ activity where they read out stories to them followed by a question and answer session. It helped them to comprehend and develop their speaking skills. Children brought their own picture books and shared them with each other. They enjoyed playing the role of a ‘teacher’ on that day and also acknowledged that they would continue to maintain their reading habit.   





Intra-class Elocution 2023:

Class I:

Intra- class Elocution of Class I was held on 7th September. All classes performed brilliantly. Class I C was adjudged the winner.

Section A:                                                                    Section B:


Section C: Winner!!!                                                         Section D:



Class II:

Intra- class Elocution of Class II was held on 8th September. Each class put up a fantastic performance. However, the winner was class II B!!!


Section A:                                                                  Section B: 



Section C:                                                                   Section D:Winner!!! 



Class III:

Intra- class Elocution of Class III was held on 26th September. Each class recited wonderful poems of various jonre. However, the winner was class III A!!!

Section A:                                                            Section B:                                                                                               




Section C:                                                             Section D:  





Class IV:

Intra- class Elocution of Class IV was held on 28th September. The students confidently rendered some of the finest poems. Class IV C were the proud winners!!

Section A:                                                             Section B:                                                        



    Section C:Winner!!!                                                          Section D:      




Class V:

Intra- class Elocution of Class V was held on 29th September. The students enthralled the audience with a variety of uncommon poems. Class VB were the proud winners!!


Section A:                                                                Section B: Winner!!!        



Section C:                                                                Section D:       


Teacher's Day-5th September:

Teachers’ Day 2023 - Behind every successful student, there is always a good teacher. To show respect and pay homage to the teachers of Birla High School, the students of both the primary and the secondary sections had organised two programmes on 5th September at the Vidya Mandir Auditorium to commemorate Teachers' Day.
The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp and remembering Shri Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Students of the junior section adorned the programme with a welcome song followed by dance recitals. The quiz conducted by the students for the teachers was the highlight of the show. Teachers were deeply touched by the incredible show of appreciation and espect demonstrated by the students.
The grand event ended with the cutting of a cake to celebrate the 'School Of The Year' award which Birla High School had received from The Telegraph.

Janmashtami Special Assembly by KG:

The little Kanhas of kindergarten ushered in the birthday of their favourite, Lord Krishna through a special assembly where they sang, danced and held a small role play for him.

The children began the assembly with an energetic dance performance which mesmerized the audience present. This was followed by a short role play where they depicted Lord Krishna as the Lord of love. Krishna is a nature lover and he becomes sad when we ill-treat his beloved Mother Nature. The children promised not to harm Mother Nature and as a birthday gift to Krishna, they promised to plant more trees. The assembly ended with a soulful song about Lord Krishna and a Hindi recitation where they promised to plant trees. As a token of their promise, a small sapling was offered to Lord Krishna and then to Headmistress Ma’am and the coordinators present in the Prayer Hall. Through this assembly, the children learnt the importance of saving Mother Nature and that God can be served through serving Nature.





National Sports Day-29th August:

Class Nursery: 

Nursery children celebrated  National Sports Day with warm-up exercises. Through a digital presentation, they were briefed about the importance of sports activities and different types of sports played around the world. They talked about various sports they like to play. Children were taken down to participate in a hurdle race on the ground.


Class KG: 

On the occasion of National Sports Day, the young athletes of kindergarten at BHS zealously participated in a wide range of sports activities conducted by the Games department of the school.  They also listened to special stories and rhymes based on sports to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship.


Class I:

. On 29th August, 2023 the adorable athletes of Class 1 celebrated National Sports Day and gave a befitting tribute to Dhyan Chand, the Hockey Legend. Beginning the day with an informative presentation, students became aware of how athletes have shaped our society. Filled with zeal, the students participated in a thrilling game of Tug-of-War to test their strength. Combining subtraction with sportsmanship spirit, students tested their numerical skill by participating in a cone race. Nothing could crush their enthusiasm, as they hopped, skipped and jumped to the finish line in the Animal Race. The day not just brought out the inner child present in all of us, but also served as a reminder for us to recall the contributions, determination and extraordinary achievements of our Indian athletes.


Class II: 

The students of Class 2 celebrated National Sports Day in a unique manner. They were taken to the terrace where they engaged in various interesting games. Warm up exercises were done to enhance their flexibility and motor skills. Children had to go through an obstacle course and score a goal using a hockey stick at the end. Inter House Tug of War was also organised. A PPT was shown on the life of Dhyan Chand and children learnt various important facts about his illustrious career. During their English Literature Class, through a play way method the safety rules of racing and driving were explained while children played with their peers using small toy cars. A YouTube video was shown on car racing -Integration of Music-NCF and a few top Formula 1 Indian drivers names will be mentioned. Boys decoded the word SPORTS with the help of the key provided during their Mathematics Class on account of National Sports Day. Through these activities children were made aware of the importance of living a healthy and active life and the true spirit of sportsmanship.
Class III: 

The students of grade 3 were well prepared to celebrate National Sports Day on 29th August 30, 2023. They came dressed in their Games uniform.The celebration began with them watching a beautiful Power Point Presentation on the life and achievements of the legendary Major Dhyan Chand Singh who was a member of our International Hockey Team. Major Dhyan Chand won many gold medals for our country. The students appreciated that this day is celebrated in India, to mark the birthday of this great ‘hockey wizard’. The Indian Postal Service issued a stamp in his memory and the Dhyan Chand National Stadium in Delhi, is named after him. After watching this inspiring presentation, the children were eager to take to the field to play. The children of all the sections first, did a few exercises to warm up. They were organized into their houses-Ashok, Gandhi, Netaji, Pratap, Shivaji and Tagore respectively. They then played friendly matches house wise. Sections A and B played Catch and had a thrilling ‘Tug of War’ game. Sections C and D played football. Each student had a chance to score a goal while some of their peers played the role of goal keeper or fielder. They then had a cool down session. Finally, they returned back to class after having enjoyed a great time on the field. They are truly inspired by the fantastic accomplishments of Major Dhyan Chand and will participate in sports regularly.


Class IV: On National Sports Day, Class IV students saw a power point presentation on Major Dhyan Chand, the great hockey legend. The power point covered the life of Major Dhyan Chand and also why we celebrate National Sports Day on 29th of August every year. Teachers also discussed the recent achievements by our country in the field of sports. The students combined sports and academics. They solved story sums during math classes, integrating learning with play. Additionally, they showcased their creativity by drawing sports activities in their math notebooks. The students also enjoyed some sports activity on the terrace guided by their game’s teachers. They did some warm up exercises which was followed by tug of war, where in students showcased their strength. A unique blend of physical and mental engagement marked the celebration.



Class V: On National Sports Day, Class V students viewed a  presentation on Major Dhyan Chand, the legendary hockey player on whose brthday this day is observed. They learnt many important facts about his life and love for hockey. They also learnt how this day came to be known as the National Sports Day.A discussion in the class made students aware of the sporting talents that India currently is nurturing and the recent achievements by our country in the field of sports. The students also enjoyed some sports activity on the terrace guided by their game’s teachers. They did some warm up exercises which was followed by a game of hockey which they thoroughly enjoyed.




World Water week (20th-24th August):

Class Nursery: 

Our responsible citizens of Nursery celebrated the water week in a unique way. They took part in a short roleplay where they made a pledge to be responsible Jal Rakshak on a mission to save the blue gold. They marched across the school with special badges and placards to make everyone aware of the importance of water and remind them that every drop counts.This activity was conducted with utmost zeal and enthusiasm by our little heroes who also did various water related activity in their art and craft class this week.Our little wonders truly did an amazing job in spreading  the message of saving water and successfully motivated others to be a part of this noble cause. We are the Jal Rakshak. You can be one too! Come join us at Birla High School. 
Jal Bachao, Jeevan Bachao.

Class KG: The young kindergarteners of BHS celebrated World water week by spreading awareness about the need to save water through a campaign - ‘Save Water save Life’. They developed awareness of their own daily consumption of water and ways in which they can help save water in their daily life.



Class I:  A global event organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute every year since 1991, World Water Week aims to encourage people to be the change and take action intheir lives to change how they use, consume and manage water. Following this year theme, Seeds of Change, the students of Class 1 turned into Water Brigadiers to celebrate World Water Week from 20th-24th August. They gazed at the clouds, spotted unique shapes and colour patterns to understand what kind of clouds bring rain. Over the week, they collected rainwater in a small container kept outside the classroom window. The young eco- warriors then used the harvested rainwater to water a few plants in the school garden. Through a short story called 'Shelly's Hat,' they were introduced to various water animals and amphibians. A short video helped them explore life under water. They brainstormed innovative ideas on how to keep the water bodies clean for all these animals and how rainwater can be used in our daily lives. Celebrating World Water Week helped our young students become the seeds of change, thereby sensitizing them to the Sustainable Development Goal of providing clean water to all and understanding the significance of saving water.


Class II: Water is precious and very important for our survival. “No Water, No Life”- Students of Class II sensitized everyone about the importance of water by visiting various classes and holding colourful placards with meaningful slogans. They made students and teachers aware of the utility of water and ways to save it. They also highlighted the hazards of water pollution and the need to conserve it. Water Monitors were assigned who regularly checked their peers to ensure taps were closed after use during breaks. They also took a Pledge - 'Save Water: Each Drop Counts’. During the English Language period, concept mapping was done based on rainwater harvesting, reusing rain water, water ATM etc. related to the conservation of water using a YouTube video followed by an interactive session.  An illustrative classwork was done on the same in the exercise book.








Rakhshabandhan: celebrating the bond of love & protection
Nursery: Raksha Bandhan, a cherished Indian festival, encapsulates the essence of sibling love and unwavering commitment. On this auspicious day, sisters tie intricate threads of affection around their brothers' wrists, symbolizing their deep bond and the promise of protection. In return, brothers offer gifts and assurances of safeguarding their sisters from life's adversities. Beyond the rituals, Raksha Bandhan embodies the timeless values of care, support, and the enduring connection between siblings, making it a celebration that resonates with love and togetherness. Rakshabandhan encapsulates the essence of sibling love and unwavering commitment. Beyond the rituals, rakshabandhan embodies timeless values of care, support and the enduring connection between human beings leading to the concept of universal brotherhood.
Our tiny tots of Nursery celebrated the Rakshabandhan special assembly with great enthusiasm. The assembly highlighted the celebration of strengthening the bond between Mother Nature and us, and children were also encouraged to show their gratitude to those who helped them. As part of the event, students were engaged in making their own green rakhis using various materials such as ribbons, paper cutouts, etc. Each student was encouraged to plant the seed as a small contribution towards a greener Earth. This activity allowed students to showcase their creativity and demonstrate the essence of responsibility towards our environment. With this celebration, the school played a significant role in nurturing values of love, respect, and togetherness among the young minds, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.








Rakshabandhan- an ABL activity by Class II:

Rakshabandhan is a celebration of love between a brother and sister. It also symbolizes universal brotherhood. Keeping with the spirit of the occasion the students of Class II spent a day with eight children from the organisation called "Hum". They exchanged rakhis amongst themselves during the ABL class to mark the occasion. A short multilingual, cultural programme comprising of a song, dance and recitation was organized. Two children from the organisation danced to a melodious song. The students enthusiastically participated in the activity. They were sensitized regarding universal brotherhood,strength of love and respect for women.


Independence Day celebration:

Class KG Activity:

The young patriots of Kindergarten at Birla High School celebrated the 76 th Indian Independence Day through a week full of engaging activities. ‘Atulniya Bharat’, which means ‘Incomparable India’ was chosen as the theme of the first term and was integrated with various subjects in the Independence week.  The children were made aware of the different National Symbols of our country such as the national tree, bird, animal, flower, amongst other national symbols. In English they learnt to recognize the starting phonic sounds of the national symbols and in Number work, they
learnt pictorial addition through national symbols. The children were taken on a virtual tour to the places where the National Symbols are found for eg, Sarnath, Gomukh, Botanical  Gardens, etc.
In the EVS class, the children learnt the importance of Independence Day and the story of how India achieved its freedom with the help of various freedom fighters. They proudly made the Tiranga in their Caft class using finger painting technique, and drew the national symbols in the Art class. The boys had a lot of fun making the national symbols with playdough. They learnt the song ‘Saare Jaahan Se Acha, Love my country India’ and also played the role of soldiers in Games class where they ran and overcame various obstacles to reach their goal. The children grooved to the song ‘Kadam Kadam Bahdhaye Ja’ and learnt its steps in the Dance class. An interactive session was held where the children discussed the different ways in which they can strive to be truly independent at their age, such as packing their own bag, brushing their teeth independently, helping their parents. They learnt how to say the word ‘Independent’ in their various mother tongues.
The week ended with the children making badges of the Indian Flag which they proudly flaunted on their chest.




The students of Class 2 celebrated Independence Day through various class activities related to different subjects. Students listened to a passage on the significance of Independence Day using a PPT and answered subjective and objective questions in the exercise book. They also drew 1 national symbol of India eg. lotus, mango etc. Boys solved 4 sums on regrouping and used the given key(represented using the national symbols of India) to decode the word 'Happy'(Independence Day). They also made a tri colour sandwich using green chutney, cucumber, cheese and grated carrot in their EVS class.Discussion on the Armed Forces (Land, air and water) and Police forces was done in the GK class. Students also  went on a virtual trip using Google Earth to Delhi to see the Amar Jawan Jyoti.




"Dis New World of Disney"- an Inter house Story Telling Competition:

According to Quantum Mechanics, multiple states of existence for particles are all possible at the same time... which hypothecates to the theory of multiverse, or, parallel universe. Astonishingly, without a glimpse of all these complex theories,or odd-looking giant time machines, the students and teachers of Birla High School were happily teleported to a parallel universe of Mickey, Winnie, Mowgli, and Simba... just to name a few.Ashok House, in their endeavour to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney, the creator of this fantasy universe, organized a friendly Inter-House competition between the students of classes I and II, on the 16th of August. The call of the day was- Dis new world of Disney. All six houses were allotted some Disney characters through a lucky draw. On the stage, these characters, along with their counterpoints came alive and stole the hearts of the audience and the Judges as well. Enjoy a few glimpses of the amazing journey to Disney Land.





"Know your state"Special Assembly:

The students of Class III B performed foot tapping songs and dances to represent West Bengal. They arranged for a special quiz pertaining to West Bengal. Overall it was an interesting assembly with a lot of important information.






Rangotsav Activity:

The tiny tots of Birla High School Nursery class came together to celebrate the colours around them through a special assembly held in the prayer hall. It was an integration of art, craft, dance, and music. It allowed the children to speak and express their views on different colours of nature through a small roleplay. They dressed up wearing cutouts of different fruits and vegetables of various colours and told their friends to eat healthy and avoid junk food. This was followed by a small musical performance where the children sang and danced to a song related to colours.





Fire Safety Activity:

The students of Class II engaged in a proactive session on 'Fire Safety' conducted by Mr. Partha Pratim Bandhopadhay during their Activity Based Learning class. He interacted with the children to explain the safety equipments and extinguishers installed in the school premises  in case of fire. Students enthusiastically answered questions asked by Mr. Bandhopadhay. The session created awareness among the students about the safety measures to be followed in case of fire. This helped them to be conscious citizens and develop their vocational skills.



Friendship Day Activity:
Friendship day was celebrated in Nursery with fun activities and interactive session. They spoke about their friends and what they mean to them. Children made friendship badges using ear bud impressions and tied on each other's wrists to spread smiles and to show the bond that they share with each other. Interactive session on the importance of having friends and their value in our life was conducted. They sang and danced to the song on friendship day. They went home happily wearing these badges.




Healthy Living Special Assembly:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for people of all ages, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Students of Class II B through a multilingual special assembly helped to spread awareness about Healthy Living being an important part of our daily lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle can help us to prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. Feeling good about oneself and taking care of our health are important for our self-esteem and self-image.Through role play and a song, they shared important facts about eating well, being active, and adopting healthy habits. Colourful placards with meaningful messages and children enthusiastically performing to an action song made the assembly a great success and played a crucial role in creating awareness about healthy food habits, balanced diet and lifestyle. It was an excellent initiative taken by the students and served as a reminder that a healthy and fulfilling life can be achieved by adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious food.



International Tiger's Day:


The little Kindergarten Cubs of Birla High School celebrated Global Tiger Day where they were made aware of the important and interesting facts associated with tigers to understand the importance of celebrating Global Tiger’s Day. They have done many Hands-on-activities in order to celebrate this day. They drew and coloured tiger using the letter ‘T’. They also made tiger’s patterns with orange/yellow playdough on a white sheet. They also enjoyed the story telling session “The tiger and it’s stripes”. This was followed by another fun activity where they made the body of the tiger using palm impression technique and the stripes using finger tip printing technique. They enjoyed making a free hand drawing of a ‘Tribal Tiger’ using numbers 5 and 3.



Class I:

The students of Class 1 celebrated this special day with Sheru the Royal Bengal Tiger, who taught students how to say Hello in different Indian languages with the help of the chart onMultilinguism in the English Literature period. They also learned about the sound, young ones and natural habitat of tigers. In the Math Lab period, students decoded the secret message - Save TIGERS, by solving the questions based on Addition. In the Activity Based Learning period, students visited the Sunderbans virtually and saw the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. They created their own posters and catchy slogans to protect the tigers. Next, the students went on a virtual trip to the Jim Corbett National Park through Google Earth where they saw the natural habitat and food habits of the tiger. A video on International Tiger Day was also shown to create awareness. Students then made a tiger hand puppet using a recycled paper bag which have been put up in the corridor as a reminder that we should all unite to save the stripes.




 Class II: 

The children of Class 2 were made aware of tiger being an endangered animal and was sensitised about protecting them. They made a tiger puppet using a paper plate(EVS Project), which they used for role play during the Conversation Class. This activity helped to sensitise the children about animal conservation.
The children also watched a video related to tigers and solve a Subtraction Story Sum based on the same.They drew and learnt what a tiger is called in different Indian languages(Multilingualism).





Founder's Day:

Special Activity:

Students of Class II read a comprehension passage based on important facts about their school and founder Syt. Lakshmi Niwas Birla. They successfully answered questions on the same and took a pledge to carry forward the legacy of excellence. They displayed their creative skill through beautiful drawings of their ideal school titled I Love My School.
Special Assembly:To commemorate the Founder’s Day of Birla High School, the students of class IV A put up a special assembly in the Prayer Hall. To observe and honour the contributions of Shri L.N. Birla, there was a power point presentation. The presentation included information about our founder Shri L.N. Birla. He was born on 11th of July, 1909 in Pilani, Rajasthan. Birla High School was established out of inspiration provided by Pujya Babu Laxmi Niwas Birla, whose intense desire was to spread education in the days when the country was still under foreign rule. Students simply admired the development of the school over the years. Children were thrilled to see a photo of the first batch of students (year 1941). The students were also made aware of the books written by our founder. The Motto, the Vision and the Mission statement of the school was also reiterated during the assembly. This was followed by a very interactive quiz. Different areas of the school were projected on the screen, the pupils identified them with ease and enjoyed a lot. Finally, all the students cheered for Birla High School and sang the school song.




Special Assembly: Small Steps to A Better Tomorrow:

The students of Class 1 teamed up to show how important it is to protect our environment through a special assembly. They presented a short skit about an old grumpy tree and his animal friends, who were scared to live in a polluted world. The Green Team of Birla High School then taught others how to save the environment by planting more trees, turning off the lights when the sun is out, and following the three Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Through a lively dance and a song about protecting the Earth, the tiny tots explained how small steps can lead to a massive progress towards climate change and a bigger, brighter and better tomorrow for all of us.



Special Assembly on Good Habits:

On 28th June, 2023 the students of Class 1B presented a special assembly on Good Habits where they reiterated the important good habits that we must inculcate like using the golden words- please, may I, sorry and thank you, respecting their elders, drinking lots of water, etc. The students showcased these through a skit, a song about good habits followed in the morning, a ramp walk to remind their friends about the different habits like eating healthy food, brushing their teeth twice a day, obeying their elders, speaking the truth, revising their daily work, etc. A few students also presented a Bengali skit and a Hindi poem. The assembly ended with a fun dance on the same.




International Yoga Day:

Nursery: To celebrate this special occasion the little ones of Nursery started their day with a few breathing exercises and chanting of ‘Om’.They performed some simple Yoga Asanas under the guidance of their teachers in a fun filled way. As a follow-up activity, children practiced lines and oatterns by drawing Yoga postures on worksheets, incorporating ‘Warli Art’.



KG:The young yogis of the kindergarten department of BHS zestfully participated in various yoga day activities to celebrate World Yoga Day. Children were made familiar with the importance of International Yoga Day through Google Slides. They were then taken to the terrace area for an outdoor circle time activity where they did simple yoga poses (Butterfly pose, Triangle pose, Frog pose, Warrior pose, Tree pose) with their teachers followed by an interactive session where they were made aware that yoga is a practice of breathing mindfully in different poses to de-stress, focus, and relax.


Class I: The students of Class 1 celebrated World Yoga Day with great enthusiasm. They started the day with a few simple breathing exercises to remind themselves about the importance of mindfulness. Through a presentation they learnt about the significance of yoga for our health. In their EVS period they became aware about few yoga poses on Google Slides and associated them with living or non living things, Eg- Sun pose -Sun- non-living, Tree pose - Tree- Living, etc. Students then made any one yoga pose using playdough. In the Maths period, they worked around the special number 21 by regrouping and showing it on the abacus. In the Literature period, the students turned into Zen Masters who participated in a fun yoga session where they practised a few simple yoga poses inspired by animals, especially the animals that they have previously learnt about.


Class II: 

YouTube video was shown to demonstrate various yoga poses named after animals in the EVS class and few children demonstrated the same. Eg. Downward Dog pose, Giraffe pose, Butterfly pose, Zebra pose Cobra pose, etc 
Children were made aware of the importance of doing yoga daily. They learnt how yoga improves flexibility, strength, and stamina. Children also learnt the benefits of yoga in stress and anxiety reduction.
Class III:
To celebrate World Yoga Day, In the morning across the classes a Yoga Ppt made by the teacher was shown to establish the importance of yoga in our lives. Thereafter children of Class III were taken to the activity room 2 sections at a time, where they did a few yoga asanas under the guidance of their yoga teacher.The boys felt relaxed and rejuvenated. They realised the benefits of yoga on their mental and physical health.
Classes IV and V:
World Yoga Day was celebrated by the students of Classes IV and V by performing a few simple Yoga asanas and watching a video on Yoga and its benefits. Thus, apprising them of the need to incorporate Yoga into their daily life.

World Music Day:

NURSERY: World Music Day was also observed today. Children were musically welcomed to school in the morning with a gentle music to uplift their mood. As per NCF guidelines, children were exposed to various Indian musical instruments like table, dholak, flute, ektara, etc in the form of 3D models made with eco-friendly materials like wood, bamboo, jute, and terracotta. Children were thrilled as they were allowed to play some instruments as well by themselves.




The students of Class 1 entered the school with soothing music playing over the intercom. In the English Language period, students identified the musical instruments by listening to an audio clip and wrote their plural form in the
exercise book. In the ABL period, they had a fun-filled guided jam session, where they created music using various instruments like mouth organ, xylophone, flute etc. They also learned that music can be created with simple daily objects like a spoon and tumbler.


Class II:

On the occasion of World Music Day, 21st June, the boys were welcomed at arrival with a soft music being played from the public address. Teachers informed the children about the significance of the day through a class discussion during their Conversation Period.The spirit of the day was also reflected during the Mathematics class where boys of Class II joyfully sang a song on odd and even numbers. The exuberant celebration of the day continued when a lively music was played and the boys danced enthusiastically.During ABL period boys played musical instruments, sang songs and also created music by using a spoon and bowl.Children were thrilled to celebrate the day.


Class III:

To celebrate World Music Day the school decided to do something different this time. In the morning music was played over the Public Address to welcome the boys as they walked into the school premises. This came as a surprise to our boys,and they instantly had smiles over their faces as they sang and grooved all the way up to their classes. Later on, during the day there was a flash mob called Dead project where everyone dropped whatever they were doing and danced to the music played over the school public system. This made the day of the students as well ofthat of the teachers much happier and relaxing giving everyone a mental and physical boost.


Classes IV and V:

Students of Classes IV and V proceeded to celebrate the World Music Day in the prayer hall with a wonderful Special Assembly. The biggest surprise for the children was the DEAD Project. (Drop Everything and Dance) where everyone broke into a gig when music was played over the public address system. Students and teachers enjoyed themselves shaking a leg!!



Rath Yatra:

On Monday 19th June, Nursery children of Birla High School celebrated Rath Yatra with great zeal and enthusiasm. Dressed in ethnic wear, children pulled the chariot with loud chants of ‘Jai Jaganath'. They worshipped the three idols seated in the Rath and children pulled the chariot within the school premises. Children spoke about the significance of the festival. The celebration ended with the distribution of Prasad to all. As a follow-up activity children made a Rath using newspaper, ice cream sticks and bottle cap printing techniques in their scrapbook. It is a belief that pulling the chariots during the procession is a way of engaging in pure devotion to the lord and destroying their sins. We pray that this year our Rath Yatra festival brings happiness and prosperity and fills each one of our lives with serenity, joy, and peace.




World Environment Day:

The students of class III Birla High School designed a poster depicting an appreciation for the beauty and power of nature in all its colourful splendour in keeping with the Class 3 theme- Colours.They also wrote a short poem on the same. Each one of them has promised to keep the environment safe for all organisms, big and small.


Father's Day:

To create a special day for their incredible fathers our little superstars created a“Coolest Dad” craft. Armed with their ice cream cut-outs of various colours, icecream sticks and a little bow, our little artists expertly attached the sticks to their cut-outs, transforming them into delightful popsicles.Once the crafts were complete, we gathered around to reflect on what made our fathers so amazing. The children shared their favourite memories, kind gestures, and the special qualities that make their dads superstars in their eyes. Finally, the day arrived when our little ones proudly presented their "Coolest Father Ice Cream" crafts to their dads. Their eyes sparkled as they handed over their creations, overflowing with love and appreciation.





Mango Day:
Summer time is the to relish the king of fruits- the juicy mango. The kindergarteners of Birla High ushered in the season of their favourite fruit by indulging in a week long celebration for ‘Mango Day’. The children learnt fun facts about the golden fruit and made a mango headgear. They learnt songs which described the glory of the king of fruits, drew mangoes and even made mangoes with paper chipping technique.The grand finale for this week-long celebration ended with a Mango Day assembly where the children took part in dance, drama and sung a mango song. The boys wore different shades of yellow and green to celebrate the colours of their favourite fruit. The Prayer hall was decked up with a mango background and the children wore colourful costumes for the assembly. The singers decked up their costumes with cut outs mangoes and a sun headgear whereas the dancers wore the costume of mangoes. The role play consisted of seasonal fruits discussing who is the greatest fruit of all and finally the verdict was passed that mangoes are the best and hence is known as the King of fruits.








The students of class 1C presented a special assembly on International Labour Day. The main essence of this assembly was to educate everyone to respect all kinds of work and the workers.

The students conveyed the same through a song, motivational thoughts and dance.

The Little Wonders of Nursery too celebrated Labour Day to acknowledge the efforts of the helpers of the society.

The interactive session made the little ones understand and appreciate the importance of helpers in our life.

Children made flowers with ‘Thank You' written on it and gave them to the helpers in school as a token of appreciation for the work that they do every day



Happy International Dance Day! Let's celebrate the joy, expression, and connection that dance brings to our lives.




On 21 April 2023, the boys of Class II D put together a special assembly on Eid -ul- Fitr which was viewed online.

The students talked about the significance of the festival and spoke about how Muslims, after a month-long fasting during the holy Ramadan, from morning till dusk, look forward to celebrating Eid with joy and pomp.

They expressed how India, being a secular country, celebrates all festivals with equal happiness and respect.

They instilled the essence of the festivity by reciting a poem, singing a melodious song, and performing a dance. The students enjoyed the program wholeheartedly.





To raise awareness and make our children realise that they too can help in reversing this climate change and stop this global warming.

Earth Day was celebrated at school, online, through various activities across the classes. Enjoy a few glimpses of the same.




World Art Day is celebrated on April 15th every year to honor the contributions of artists and promote the importance of art in our lives.

This day marks the birthday of the famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci, who is regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time. 

Students celebrated this day by showcasing their artistic talents and expressing themselves creatively.




To New Beginnings...The students of Class VC were delighted to usher in the new year and the spring harvest festivals through a special assembly.

The brief programme references the significance, customs and traditions of Baisakhi, Bihu, Vishu, Puthhandu and Poila Boishakh. 



The students also paid tribute to the Father of our Constitution, Dr B R Ambedkar and his contribution to nation-building and social justice.

The programme ended with a wish by the children to work together with wisdom and understanding and celebrate the unique Indianness of our great land.