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Mango Day:
Summer time is the to relish the king of fruits- the juicy mango. The kindergarteners of Birla High ushered in the season of their favourite fruit by indulging in a week long celebration for ‘Mango Day’. The children learnt fun facts about the golden fruit and made a mango headgear. They learnt songs which described the glory of the king of fruits, drew mangoes and even made mangoes with paper chipping technique.The grand finale for this week-long celebration ended with a Mango Day assembly where the children took part in dance, drama and sung a mango song. The boys wore different shades of yellow and green to celebrate the colours of their favourite fruit. The Prayer hall was decked up with a mango background and the children wore colourful costumes for the assembly. The singers decked up their costumes with cut outs mangoes and a sun headgear whereas the dancers wore the costume of mangoes. The role play consisted of seasonal fruits discussing who is the greatest fruit of all and finally the verdict was passed that mangoes are the best and hence is known as the King of fruits.








The students of class 1C presented a special assembly on International Labour Day. The main essence of this assembly was to educate everyone to respect all kinds of work and the workers.

The students conveyed the same through a song, motivational thoughts and dance.

The Little Wonders of Nursery too celebrated Labour Day to acknowledge the efforts of the helpers of the society.

The interactive session made the little ones understand and appreciate the importance of helpers in our life.

Children made flowers with ‘Thank You' written on it and gave them to the helpers in school as a token of appreciation for the work that they do every day



Happy International Dance Day! Let's celebrate the joy, expression, and connection that dance brings to our lives.




On 21 April 2023, the boys of Class II D put together a special assembly on Eid -ul- Fitr which was viewed online.

The students talked about the significance of the festival and spoke about how Muslims, after a month-long fasting during the holy Ramadan, from morning till dusk, look forward to celebrating Eid with joy and pomp.

They expressed how India, being a secular country, celebrates all festivals with equal happiness and respect.

They instilled the essence of the festivity by reciting a poem, singing a melodious song, and performing a dance. The students enjoyed the program wholeheartedly.





To raise awareness and make our children realise that they too can help in reversing this climate change and stop this global warming.

Earth Day was celebrated at school, online, through various activities across the classes. Enjoy a few glimpses of the same.




World Art Day is celebrated on April 15th every year to honor the contributions of artists and promote the importance of art in our lives.

This day marks the birthday of the famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci, who is regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time. 

Students celebrated this day by showcasing their artistic talents and expressing themselves creatively.




To New Beginnings...The students of Class VC were delighted to usher in the new year and the spring harvest festivals through a special assembly.

The brief programme references the significance, customs and traditions of Baisakhi, Bihu, Vishu, Puthhandu and Poila Boishakh. 



The students also paid tribute to the Father of our Constitution, Dr B R Ambedkar and his contribution to nation-building and social justice.

The programme ended with a wish by the children to work together with wisdom and understanding and celebrate the unique Indianness of our great land.