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BHS/CIR–54 / 23-24

BHS/CIR–54 / 23-24 11/10/2023






    CLASS - KG



    BHS/CIR–54 / 23-24                                                       Date: 11.10.2023


    Dear Parents,

    Kindly note the following regarding the KG Concert to be held on Friday 13.10.23

    • Reporting time for students: 08:00 am
    • All students must wear their costume and come to school.
    • They must carry their water bottle and tiffin (dry snacks) in a small bag.
    • Please apply some base make up/ foundation from home. Rest of the makeup will be done in school.
    • Footwear to be worn as per the instructions given by the class teachers.
    • Dispersal will be from the KG classrooms after the concert. Parents will collect the children against the Escort card and exit from Gate no. 1.



    Thank you,


    Mrs. F. Singh