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BHS/CIR –86/23-24

BHS/CIR –86/23-24 09/02/2024


    Classes III, IV & V


    BHS/CIR –86/23-24                                                               Date: 09.02.24



    Dear Parents,

    As you are aware, we will be conducting our Annual Examination for Classes III, IV and V from Monday, 19th February, 2024 till Wednesday, 28th February, 2024.

    I request parents to motivate their wards to appear for the tests with full sincerity and honesty. Kindly encourage the students and uplift their spirits. Let us not create any unnecessary fear or anxiety.

    Pupils must carry the following on the exam dates: a clip board, suitable stationery items (including colour pencils), school diary, drinking water and dry tiffin.

    Dispersal time for the above-mentioned dates will be as follows:


    Classes III, IV & V

    Carpool Dispersal

    10:15 a.m.

    Escort Dispersal

    10:20 a.m.

    Kindly note Carpool dispersal will be from Gate No. 6 and Escort dispersal from Gate No. 1 strictly against their Escort Cards.

    Wising all my dear students the very best for the forthcoming exams.

    Thank you,



    Mrs. F. Singh



    N.B. 15th and 29th February will be normal working days. Spelling-Dictation, Vernacular Elementary and IT (only for Class V) exams will be held during school hours.