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BHS/CIR – 96/ 23-24

BHS/CIR – 96/ 23-24 18/03/2024




    Classes Nursery- V


    BHS/CIR – 96/ 23-24                                                             Date: 18.03.2024    



    Dear Parents,

         The report cards for the Second Term of  your ward for the session 2023-24 can be viewed online on on Wednesday, 20th March, 2024 from 11 a.m. Parents are to use their Campus Care parent ID to view the same. The parent ID would be the same even if parents have another ward in the Junior/Senior or Girls’ Section.

    Please follow the details appended below to view the online report card: -

    Steps to be followed to view the online report card: -

    Step I -               Log on to www.

    Step II -              Type parent/ student’s user id


    Step III-            Type the relevant password.


    Step IV - Click on the Box where the name of your ward appears. Select the name


    Step V-               Click on the ‘Academics’ Tab.


    Step VI-             Click on the ‘Evaluation’ Tab on the left-hand side.


    Step VII-            Click on ‘View’

    Step VIII -          View the downloaded file.



    Ms. F. Singh